About The FOunders

Mariyam Tahir, the founder is a graduate in fashion design and has special interest in fashion trends in apparel, shoes, and handbags. Owing to her background and interest in this domain Zam Zam Enterprise is able offer top designs and premium qualtiy products to its customers.


Asim Mustafa Zaidi, the Managing Director of the company is an MBA by profession from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg and looks after purchase, business development, and legal affairs.


Zam Zam Enterprise e.K was founded in the year 2021 by an Indian couple Mariyam Tahir and Asim Mustafa Zaidi living in Germany since 2012. The company is involved in importing leather products such as handbags, business bags, shoppers, belts and wallets and act as a wholesaler for the customers in the EU Zone.

Zam Zam Enterprise e.K is registered in the Handelsregister (Fürth, Germany) and currently operates as a properitoryship (Einzelunternehmen) located in Adelsdorf, Bavaria Germany.


The motivation behind the formation of the company was to introduce high quality Indian made products to the European market which, till date is not effectively explored and there exists exciting potential to address this gap.

India is renowned for its world class handicrafts and clothing and many other products that can be offered to the European consumers. With this aim, we want to start our operations in Germany and EU by introducing our first portfolio of leather products, take this as a steppingstone to extend our offerings to other products.

The name Zam Zam comes from a pure water spring that signifies goodness and wellbeing for anyone who drinks from it and so we want to adopt this practice of bringing goodness and wellbeing to our esteemed customers and end consumers.




Currently Zam Zam Enterprise e.K is registered at the residence of Mariyam & Asim in Adelsdorf. The company is solely operated by the couple without any additional employees. The company is authorized to import the goods and sell it in the EU economic zone and works in close cooperation with its partners in India to deliver products.

The company aims to target EU business buyers looking for bulk orders of leather products and act as a wholesaler delivering quality products at competitive prices. Currently we are engaged in procurement of samples from India for marketing and advertising purposes and plan to acquire orders based on our current portfolio products. We are looking for major events such as trade fairs to connect with potential buyers to exchange information on their specific requirements, understand the market and present our portfolio to provide products that effectively address their concerns.

Customer Benefits


As a recent startup looking for market entry, we specially focus on the benefits that will offer to our customers. Our dealing with our stakeholders is based on the following drivers


A big challenge for a startup is to match the quality of its products to those of established and reputed players in the market. Thanks to our partners and our network of experts we ensure that our products meet high quality standards as expected by our customers.


Price is one of the big decision factors for any consumer and with global rise in the cost of living, it has rightly become a key parameter for a go / no go decision for business as well as private consumer. Thanks to our small setup, we can minimize our overhead costs for the benefit of our customers.

Attractive Design

Our eye-catching products are sure to catch your attention. We are conversant with preferences of European consumers and keep up with the market trend. However, we are not shy to introduce radical concepts that may have the potential of influencing the market trend itself.


We take customer’s requirement earnestly and can go beyond the standard portfolio to offer products with customer specific variations


We are mindful of the ethical and environmental concerns related to leather production which is why the leathers we use across our collections are a by-product of food production and a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics.

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